Kenny Nichols

-gone but not forgotten-

9/21/67 - 4/25/11


Giving Back Hope not only to the person suffering from the disease of Alcoholism but also to the family and friends who are affected too.


Alcoholism- The American Medical Association recognizes alcoholism as a disease that can be suppressed but not cured. If not dealt with, the disease can result in insanity or death. Alcoholism is no longer a hopeless condition, if it is recognized and treated.

                                          Taken from Alateen-Hope for Children of Alcoholics (B-3) Understanding Alcoholism



A Message From Kenny:


“The other night, on my way home, I was upset and thinking of Kenny…I talked to him and said, ”I hope you are ok wherever you are…I hope you are happy…I miss you terribly”. I started to think again about how we want to raise money in Kenny’s name for Clare Foundation(rehab) to help others struggling with this disease… so they have a chance at recovery and not have to wait on the long waiting lists for a state funded bed if they can’t afford rehab on their own…I was thinking of what to call this scholarship, foundation idea and then it was as if someone said it out loud to me “ In Memory of Kenny”…and then I heard, acronym…I got chills as I said it out loud and realized what  “In Memory Of Kenny”  spelled out:

“I M  O K”  -Nicole (his"better half" as he use to call me)



From Kenny’s Journal:

 Please join us, his family in fulfilling Kenny’s wishes to help others rebuild their lives thru recovery. There is no donation too small. Donations are tax deductible. Together we can turn a tragedy into triumph.